Olympic Style Weightlifting gym on Kauai's East side.

Offering classes, personal training, programming, and competition prep for

beginner to advanced lifters.


Meet the Coaches

David- Owner/Operator

Originally from Washington state, David and wife Leah, moved to Kauai in 2013, and fell in love with the island. David has always been interested in fitness, with experience as an ISSA Personal trainer, Crossfit L1, with Weightlifting and Mobility certification. He has a passion and keen, developed eye for weightlifting. David became a USAW Performance Coach and the AAW Club Coach. He is looking forward to exposing, and teaching more people the sport of Olympic style Weightlifting and making Kauai stronger.


Coach Mac

Co-owner/Head Coach

Mac began Olympic Weightlifting in 2008, in Illinois, with athletes from North Central College. In 2009, Mac joined Crossfit Will County and trained with Kyle Cook at Fox Valley Weightlifting Club. From 2012-2015, he coached and ran the Olympic Weightlifting program at Crossfit Kona. He has helped introduce many people to the Olympic lifts, improve their technique, and achieve personal goals.


Olympic Weightlifting



Join us for a group setting of Olympic style Weightlifting.
Learn form and technique on the Clean and Jerk and Snatch.
Along with accessory strength development, such as, squatting, pressing, and pulling movements.

Personal Training

Do you have a busy schedule and cannot make class times? Do you prefer a one on one experience?
Not a problem!
Contact us about a personal training opportunities.


Open Gym:

5am-11pm Monday - Friday

7am-8pm Saturday and Sunday

Visitors are welcome! 



$20 - Drop-in

$40 - Drop-in + T-Shirt

$60 - Week Open Gym Drop-In

$80 - 2-week pass

Our drop-in passes will also give you access to Kauai Athletic Club and all of their amenities

Private Sessions

$100 - Introduction to Weightlifting Course (2 Session Package)

$55 - Introduction to Strength Training (1 Session Package)

$65 - Single Personal Training Session

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We program pause pulls for a couple reasons...jpg
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kilo plates
snatch grip
Regrip and get after it 💥  #altiusathletics  #altiusathleticsweightlifting #snatch #cleanandjerk #h
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sweat angel
split jerk
weightlifting class
370lbs x 10 on the Back Squat for Coach _mackaghram yesterday! _#backsquat #backsquats #healthylifes
Look at how cute coach _mackaghram  and athlete _makena_shay are 😍💪🏼 #flexin #altiusbabes #beauty
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snatch grip
Alex looking solid while working on Jerks this last week.jpg
220lb) for a triple as well!! Shawn is going back to scho
kilo plates
18 year old, 69kg _leslee.aki repping 95kg for 10 Front Squats! 🙌🏻.jpg
All these killahs doing pause squat 10 rep maxes 💀 super impressed by them all 😏😏💪🏻🤙🏽#altiusa
When the 17 year old shows up and hits #200kg for a double in converse on his 3rd day 😱😏😎🤙🏼 _ry

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